Tom Short 5K Trail Race/Fun Run - Saturday, August 7, 2010
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The four mile General Dacey Trail is open!

     Walkers, runners, hikers, and bicyclists are already enjoying the natural beauty that the trail offers. A Grand Opening celebration was held July of 2006 as the first mile of the trail received surface improvements in the spring of 2006. The trail surface was upgraded from dirt and grass to a ten foot wide limestone surface. Another improvement at various locations is the placements of benches for users to rest and take in some spectacular views.

     The trail is easily accessible from the Dam West recreation area in the Shelbyville or from behind the Scout cabin in Forest Park in Shelbyville. Maintenance to the trail is performed by volunteers. Additional surface improvements are scheduled for the spring of 2007. Weather permitting winter sports such as cross country skiing and snowmobiling are allowed. Other trails include the Illini Trail, Okaw Bluff, Coon Creek Trail, the 15 mile equestrian trail at Wolf Creek State Park and the mountain bike trail at Camp Camfield.